Day 36: 101 Cans Recycled!

Income: 20.31 $
I had been absent from my blog for some days, but continued the recycling efforts. I am currently working 3 days a week and might start a second job next week. Thus I have a little less time to collect bottles and blog about my progress. However, I will try to blog at least twice a week, if possible more often.

 cans for A Dollar Saved Is A Dollar Earned
Back to the topic: I received another generous present (plastic bag full of cans) from my favourite coffee house and was able to collect a few more cans and bottles. I also found 2 pennies on the parking lot in front of my apartment. Apparently there are a lot of pennies lying around on parking lots around here, I already found other pennies at the same spot before.
However in my new neighborhood it is definetily too clean to gather empty bottles and cans efficiently . I am thus still looking for some kind of investment to start with, but am not yet happy with what I found on ebay and garage sales.

Overall, I received 5,65$ for the cans of the past week. I returned 12 bottles and 101 cans!  It took quite a while to return them, but I am getting faster and faster :).


Day 26: The Piggy Bank Grows!

Income: 14.64 $

A Dollar Saved Is A Dollar Earned
The right answer was 87 bottles and cans for 4,20$  (Asahi beer and two juice cans did not work out)! I am not sure whether it was a good idea to take all cans out of the trashbags yesterday just to make a picture of them in the trunk of my car. It still smells so strong, as many bottles were not completely empty.  I better get a huge plastic box for next week.
This week, I received most cans from the Hudson River Coffee House and only contributed 8 to 10 of the bottles I collected on my own. Thanks Anton and Phil for gathering them. Anyway, all the small bottle deposits I received over the past weeks finally add up. My piggy bank from Day 5 is not so empty anymore and keeps motivating me.

Every Friday my girlfriend and me are visiting the indian restaurant Aashiana in downtown. This time I was lucky and spot a Nickel! However, during the other days of the past week I was not able to find any treasures, coins or bottles. We bought a table for our new apartment and as soon as it is assembled I might have a cardboard to write on the prices for the tremendous compliments I am going to sell. I wish I had some colorful cardboard, but apparently I will have to start with a normal greyish one.


Day 25: Who Knows The Answer ? Win a Penny!

Income: 10.39 $
The trunk of my car is filled with cans and bottles again. I will bring them to the closest supermarket in about an hour and update tonight or tomorrow morning.
To shorten the waiting time everybody has the chance to WIN ONE PENNY via postcard. All you need to do is: Write a comment on my blog and guess how many dollars I will receive for the cans and bottles in the picture.  

Good Luck everybody!   PS: My guess is 3,25$


Day 21: Homeless pennies

Income: 10.39 $

There are no parks close to my new apartment, which forces me to change my focus. Apparently there are less botlles and cans lying around. I was only able to find 5 bottles so far. Nice to know that people here seem to recycle more often. However, I was able to find three pennies and a dime on my parking lot! One of the pennies must have been there for years. I made a picture of it. Quite ugly and flat...

I am still trying to find a suitable cardboard for my compliment prices (in a nice color), as I do not want to invest in some colored cardboard. During the coming days I will finally finish moving into the new apartment and I hope to have internet not later than coming Monday.


Day 18: Back in the Game

Income: 10.26 $

Moving 2 miles closer to campus takes quite a lot of time and I havent been able to collect a lot of bottles recently. However, the new apartment will be much larger and  very close to campus, as well as to my internship location. When I cleaned my old room I found 3 pennies and a dime. I will list them here, as I would have never ever found them otherwise.  I will continue collecting bottles and cans soon and look out for garage sales after coming Tuesday (Monday -> 4th of July, holiday in US, I take a day off to :) ).
Yesterday morning I received another bag full of cans and added the few I had collected during the past days. This added up to 53 bottles and cans and brought me 2.55$ . I finally passed the 2-digit border!
Thus, my piggy bank is now 2.68$ richer! Let´s see whether I can find a lot of bottles in the area I am going to live from now on...


Day 16: Moving and internship search..

Sorry for the current break, but I am moving closer to the campus during these days and was looking for internships at the same time.  I have an internship now (yeii) and I am moving during the coming three days.   I will give a decent update on Monday/Tuesday !

Don´t forget my blog, 3 more days to the next bottle return day!

Thank you for almost 3.000 views :)