Day 6: The bottle network grows!

Income: 1.67$
What a weather! It is 3pm and 84 °F (29°c) outside. I´m done for today, as it is just too hot to walk around. This morning I received a generous sponsorship of 14 bottles/cans which will help to boost my income at the next payday. I also found two more cans at the university parking lot, when walking towards the library. Overall, a very successful day!
Thanks everybody for the votings, apparently it will be a very close race! If you still haven´t voted yet, take the chance (on the right)!

bottles and cans

Tomorrow I will blog the first time about my budgetcut plans. I tracked all my expenses in detail and already see a lot of potential for savings! It is quite shocking to see how much I spend over time for small things, such as a bottle of water, a muffin or some small lunch at stores at the university..

And now: Let´s go out, it is summer!

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