Day 123: Where is my creative mind!

I am still trying to sell my "new" soundsystem on craigslist. It is not as easy as I thought to get rid of it and I am now at a price of 170$. I am not under time pressure, but some more interest in my add would be good.
This morning I got another bag full of cans from the Hudson River Coffee House and I will return it this week. However, I am looking for other ideas to make some dollars. I worked on (and already completed) a website, but cancelled the project due to copyright issues. I do not want to get into legal problems and the company whose pictures I wanted to use did not reply to my emails.

I am repeatedly thinking about ways to earn some dollars through my German origin. Selling things from the USA to Germany or shipping whatever needed there. But I cannot think of anything yet... do you have an idea? Leave a comment :)!


Day 110: Let´s make the most out of it!

bose acoustimass 5 series 2 Income: 06.61 $

Round 2: After being so lucky with my first trade, I hope to be able to make at least 150$ with the new soundsystem.  I spent some hours cleaning it, especially several spots where wall paint dropped on the cloth on the front of the speakers. I carefully cleaned these spots and used a black marker to overpaint some resistant drops. I am really surprised how clean and tidy they look after I removed dust, paint, dirt and worked on some scratches.
bose acoustimass 5 series 2 I am usually not too good in making "high quality" pictures, but am quite happy about these ones. I think the system looks way more attractive than in the picture of my last post.

I just started my ad on craigslist and noted that I will sell OR trade it. I actually prefer trading it, but don´t want to be too picky. The soundsystem sells in used condition on ebay for 140-190$ plus 20-40$ shipping. I recognized that the stands make apparently quite a big difference in the price (didn´t make a picture of them).
bose acoustimass subwooferAnyway, as I am not in a hurry, I optimistically chose to sell them for 200$. Maybe I am lucky and someone urgently needs exactly such a soundsystem. I basically do it the same way, as with my vintage speakers and slowly lower the price until someone buys it. My realistic goal is 150$. I paid 60$ for it in addition to the free vintage speakers, for which I expected 65$. An additional 25$ sounds ok to me at this point.

Review of the last 3 weeks:
During the past two weeks, I found 3 pennies on one of the parking lots and continued gathering cans and bottles wherever possible.  However, it is getting colder and people are starting to choose tea and coffee instead of soda and beer. Because of this (and a bad cold) I had just 128 bottles and cans (6,40$) to return yesterday.  This is not a lot for two weeks of collecting. As usual, I made some pictures of all the cans and thought about posting them, but they look actually all the same. Instead of posting a cart full of plastic bags, you get thus a picture of a hawk (?), who I met on my way to university. Maybe next time empty cans and bottles again...