Update July to November 2012

Income: 456.92 $ 

What is Vintage-speaker-Review.com doing?
It has been a while since I updated this blog, but every now and then I feel that I should write an update regarding the $1000 challenge. 
The vintage speaker review website is still up and running. I was unable to create new reviews for a couple of weeks in August and September, which led to a decline of visitors from 7500 in August to around 6000 in September. As I did not find any interesting old speakers, I spontaneously translated my English articles into German and restored the google ranking of the website. The goal for November is to beat the website´s visitor record, 7492 (July 2012).

What is the Challenge doing?
The most recent Google Adsense payment has arrived in October, being 110,90$ and another $10 from the amazon associated program.  I won´t be able to beat my swiss competitor, but that does not matter anymore. I guess we both are happy about the little extra income we get every now and then :).