Day 18: Back in the Game

Income: 10.26 $

Moving 2 miles closer to campus takes quite a lot of time and I havent been able to collect a lot of bottles recently. However, the new apartment will be much larger and  very close to campus, as well as to my internship location. When I cleaned my old room I found 3 pennies and a dime. I will list them here, as I would have never ever found them otherwise.  I will continue collecting bottles and cans soon and look out for garage sales after coming Tuesday (Monday -> 4th of July, holiday in US, I take a day off to :) ).
Yesterday morning I received another bag full of cans and added the few I had collected during the past days. This added up to 53 bottles and cans and brought me 2.55$ . I finally passed the 2-digit border!
Thus, my piggy bank is now 2.68$ richer! Let´s see whether I can find a lot of bottles in the area I am going to live from now on...

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