Day 91: Cans and Speakers

Income: 56.48 $

returned cans for challenge The semester in New York has started and I have a little more time pressure and a little less time to keep my blog up to date.
Anyways, some interesting things happened during the last 10 days:

1.  Cans:
returned cans for challengeI returned 187 cans (5 were notrefundable) and received 9,10$ for them. I also found a dime and a penny at University, which adds up to 9,21$. As the semester started, it seems that I am receiving some more cans every week.

2. Speakers:
Apparently, asking on craigslist to make me an offer for my speakers didn´t work at all. No replies. A week later I changed my ad and asked for a clear amount and shortened my long description. It worked! Within 2 days I received 7 emails. However, many were asking whether the speakers had tweeters. As I couldn t see any, I said they do not. Later I found out that the tweeters are build into the front of the speaker and that I can only hear (not see), whether my ones have them or not.  I found this out, after replying to most mails that my speakers don´t have tweeters :(.
As I do not have any possibility to test my speakers, I rely on interested persons who are willed to bring an Amp to my house to check them. An alternative would be to find a friend who has the devices to test my speakers, but I am not sure yet who to ask for this.

Conclusion :   I´ll set up a new ad  after testing my speakers (or getting it tested by a possible buyer).

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