Day 3: How and where to find the right bottles?

Income: 0.21$

I started this morning at 6am to have a walk along my block and collect some bottles. As I live in an area with several bars close by, I thought I might find some bottles in front of them. Well, I found two, but only the Corona bottle does definetily give me some refund. I expected to find many more, but the semester break might cause the disappointing numbers as many local students drove home.

It was much more profitable to check the public garbage bins. I guess the city was emptying them the night or day before, as they were surprisingly empty. However, I was still able to find 3 other bottles in there! If I can find out the time when the garbage trucks arrive, I can check the bins some minutes earlier...  ...great idea.

Today or tomorrow is payday!

bottle deposit

As you can see on the picture, I am still not sure which bottles do really give refund. I found out too, that the "bottle refund machine" sometimes declines bottles at first, but accepts them after some more tries...how mean!

I´ ll keep you up to date!

PS: If you have any good ideas where to find bottles, cans  or other ways to earn some cents with "nothing", let me know :)

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