Day 4: PAYDAY!

Income: 1.61$

Unbelievable, I octupled my income! After the slow start, I experienced some serious support from my girlfriend yesterday. This increased my bottle counter from 11 to 18! Thanks for your help and I will work on my recycling skills in the future :).

bottles and cansTwo hours ago, I got up and went to the nearby Hudson River Coffeehouse. I was allowed to take all cans/bottles from the past days: 22 cans and bottles! On the right, you can see a pic of my accumulated wealth: I am indeed quite proud! -> click the pic for a detailed view of my fortune!

Full of recycling energy, I instantly went to Hannaford, a local supermarket with several bottle refund machines. Sadly, I had to throw several cans and bottles away, as the machine did not accept them. I wrote down the brands and know for what to look during my next "Bottlechase". Ice-tea did not bring any money at all, beer and water cans are the bestseller. Even though I just got 1,40$, I feel as if it would be a little fortune!

Thanks Hannaford for your generous support!

bottle deposit


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