Day 5: You need a safe bank!

Income: 1.61$
Monday mornings...I will have a look for empty cans later today. My personal goal is 5 cans per day, which is quite a lot as there are not many lying around.
After bringing my "hard-earned" money home yesterday afternoon, I was confronted with a serious problem. How to keep my little fortune safe from pickpockets. The solution: My own piggy bank (a.k.a. Peanut box)! No interest, but it will definetily keep me motivated!

I thought about some other ways to get some cents and also received a lot of great ideas from readers of this blog. Two ideas are very practical and I would like you to decide which one I should use.
  1. The first idea is to invest my dollar(s) on a garage sale in some valuable object, to work/repair/improve it and then two sell it again..somehow..somewhere. There are many garage sales during the coming weeks, so there is definetily potential for hidden treasures!
  2. The other possibility is to charge people for compliments. I would make a respectable sized sign and sit and wait in my favourite place, the Hudson River Coffeehouse to charge a nickel or dime for a commpliment.
 I created a survey (on the right),  PLEASE MAKE A CHOICE!
 (for non Germans: "Abstimmen" means "Vote")
Piggy bank

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