Project 1: How to get the first Dollar?

Income: 0.10$
It is 0:12 am and I just returned from my favourite coffeehouse. On my way home I found 2 Coors cans and tried whether I could get a refund at Price Chopper for them. It worked and my bankroll is now at 10 cents.

In addition to that I found some more bottles and cans in the trash outside which I will return during the coming days. But here comes the first problem: In Germany every bottle is clearly marked and it is mostly obvious whether you will get some money for it or not. However, in the U.S. every state has its own laws for bottle refunds and on each can or bottle it is marked which state will give you what kind of refund.
These notes on each can seem to be sometimes incorrect, as some bottles with the marks apparently did not give me any refund, but for others, even without the NYS note, the supermarket gave refund.
I will have to learn in more detail about this, as it is a lot to carry, if I don t know whether a bottle/can brings me some cents.

bottle depositbottle deposit

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  1. Alten Damen Einkaufstaschen die Treppe hochtragen bringt mehr Geld ein, als Dosen sammeln. ;-)
    Noch mehr Geld bringt es natürlich wenn du die alten Damen die Treppen hoch trägst..