Toby, who is that and what is he going to do?

Hello, I am Tobias, 25 years old, study and live in Albany, about 2 hours in the north of New York City. I was inspired to start this blog by a poker player planned to earn a little fortune out of nothing. He sold used items, opened a bank account with high interest rate and did other things to increase his bankroll. However, he did not start with nothing, as he had paid for his used items before.
I´ll go a different way!
I will start with a true bankroll of 0,00$. I won´t earn my first dollars by selling what I already possess, but try to earn some cents and dollars with other things, ideas or whatever comes to my mind. More about this in my first project, called The Challenge.

Additionally I will try to track all my expenses with a standard excel budgetplan. After doing this for one month I will analyse and hopefully significantly decrease my expenses. You can find all information about this 2nd project, called The Budget Plan! here.

During my journey I will post pictures of my achievements and keep all readers uptodate as often as possible.

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  1. Hi,
    I got a similiar blog and stumbled over your challenge on google.
    After writing with prnzessin I'd like to compete with you and the other participants.

    After that I already brought a small news post and put yours and the other blogs in my blogroll.
    As I'm staying the next semester in Great Britain my aim would be 1000 GBP and my blog will be bilingual, German and Englisch.

    It would be nice if you could also set up a backlink to http://www.I-am-rich-then.com and perhaps bring a small news update.

    Best regards