Day 36: 101 Cans Recycled!

Income: 20.31 $
I had been absent from my blog for some days, but continued the recycling efforts. I am currently working 3 days a week and might start a second job next week. Thus I have a little less time to collect bottles and blog about my progress. However, I will try to blog at least twice a week, if possible more often.

 cans for A Dollar Saved Is A Dollar Earned
Back to the topic: I received another generous present (plastic bag full of cans) from my favourite coffee house and was able to collect a few more cans and bottles. I also found 2 pennies on the parking lot in front of my apartment. Apparently there are a lot of pennies lying around on parking lots around here, I already found other pennies at the same spot before.
However in my new neighborhood it is definetily too clean to gather empty bottles and cans efficiently . I am thus still looking for some kind of investment to start with, but am not yet happy with what I found on ebay and garage sales.

Overall, I received 5,65$ for the cans of the past week. I returned 12 bottles and 101 cans!  It took quite a while to return them, but I am getting faster and faster :).

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