Day 26: The Piggy Bank Grows!

Income: 14.64 $

A Dollar Saved Is A Dollar Earned
The right answer was 87 bottles and cans for 4,20$  (Asahi beer and two juice cans did not work out)! I am not sure whether it was a good idea to take all cans out of the trashbags yesterday just to make a picture of them in the trunk of my car. It still smells so strong, as many bottles were not completely empty.  I better get a huge plastic box for next week.
This week, I received most cans from the Hudson River Coffee House and only contributed 8 to 10 of the bottles I collected on my own. Thanks Anton and Phil for gathering them. Anyway, all the small bottle deposits I received over the past weeks finally add up. My piggy bank from Day 5 is not so empty anymore and keeps motivating me.

Every Friday my girlfriend and me are visiting the indian restaurant Aashiana in downtown. This time I was lucky and spot a Nickel! However, during the other days of the past week I was not able to find any treasures, coins or bottles. We bought a table for our new apartment and as soon as it is assembled I might have a cardboard to write on the prices for the tremendous compliments I am going to sell. I wish I had some colorful cardboard, but apparently I will have to start with a normal greyish one.

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