Day 74: How much are they worth?

Today I did it!  I went to a garage sale and found something valueable!   I am a little in a hurry right now and would be happy for some comments:

How much would you have paid for these speakers?
How much are they worth?
For how much should I sell them!

I will tell later today or tomorrow how much I had to invest to get them.  They are damn heavy and big. I would say 80 cm x 50cm x 35 cm. I opened them to see what kind of speakers they have, but don´t know the brand... so any information would be helpful (i ll google it later too)

Here are some pics:

Vintage speakers for challenge blog

Electro Voice Vintage Speaker
Electro Voice speaker

Electro Voice Vintage Speaker


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  2. Maybe these are the same:


    "Here we have a pair of 12 " Wolverine EV LS 12 full-range speakers for sale.

    made in Canada, 8 ohms 40 watts peak."

    I don't know, but your speakers look a bit like safemade

  3. They are indeed selfmade, but that doesn´t make them worse as the quality of the box is quite high. THanks for you comment, I saw the ebay auction too, but it ll be unlikely to get so much as you can buy them way cheaper. Anyway, I ll see what is possible :)