Day 75: Demand determines the price!

After inspecting the speakers a little closer, I am quite happy with my investment... Actually it is not really an investment as I got them for free! I found an advertisement for a garage sale that was scheduled during Hurricane Irene.er gave eve Apparently many things were left (...) and at the morning after Irene, the same garage sale was on craigslist again and the owner gave everything away for free.  So I drove and found the two speakers.
I was thinking a lot about how much to expect for them.  I thought about 40$, but actually there is no hurry and you never know whether there is someone desperately looking for big, heavy, loud, old, vintage speakers.
I decided that 240$ is the perfect amount for them. You probably think that this is waaaayy to high, but wait, here is why:
  1. The semester started yesterday and there will be many parties around Albany during the coming weekends. Parties = loud music -> loud music = Need for my speakers!
  2. The speakerboxes are huge and in really good shape. The speakers themselves are not of bad quality! They are old, but were worth a lot and are being sold on ebay for 50-200$.  
  3. I have time!  I dont really need to sell them. I am asking people for offers and even though I expect many to think my price is too high, I hope that their offers are still higher than as if I would have started with a low price. If nobody responds, I am going to lower the price step by step. I advertise them at craigslist, which is completely free and quite common in the US for buying and selling all kinds of stuff.

Here is the link to my offer at craigslist:


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