Tribe meets white man for the first time

Yesterday, I watched the video below, showing a tribe in Papua New Guinea who meets a white man (Jean-Pierre Dutilleux) for the first time. Dutilleux travelled through North and South America and according to his biography, Sting (the musician) had also joined him to one of his visits to the Amazon. I haven´t seen this video earlier, even though it is from 1976.
Isn´t it interesting to see how the tribe reacts to things that are normal to us? How they carefully look at the colored dishes and cups and how they react when eating rice with salt (or sugar?). I would have imagined they think he is some kind of devil, but instead they are careful, but peaceful and very curious about everything. I really enjoy watching it. I am currently thinking whether I should order one of Dutilleux´s documentaries, just too curious about his other travels.
Have a look at his biography if you like to find out more about his travels and the survival of the remaining Indians of the Amazon Rainforest.

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