Day 64

Income: 29.25 $
Currently it is quite rainy in Albany and I am slightly demotivated to invest much time into collecting cans and bottles. However, on the spacy parking lot in front of my apartment, I am very successful in finding pennies and sometimes nickels or dimes. I don´t assume to see all of them, as I am not paying too much attention, but so far I was able to find at least 3 coins every week.

And again, 2 days ago I found a nickel and 2 pennies, just lying around between the other cars. If only more people would lose some coins on my parking lot!
Anyway, on Sunday I am going to return cans and bottles I have collected during the last 2 weeks.  I expect even more cans and bottles than on day 55 (192 cans and bottles).  See you on Sunday :-)


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