Day 123: Where is my creative mind!

I am still trying to sell my "new" soundsystem on craigslist. It is not as easy as I thought to get rid of it and I am now at a price of 170$. I am not under time pressure, but some more interest in my add would be good.
This morning I got another bag full of cans from the Hudson River Coffee House and I will return it this week. However, I am looking for other ideas to make some dollars. I worked on (and already completed) a website, but cancelled the project due to copyright issues. I do not want to get into legal problems and the company whose pictures I wanted to use did not reply to my emails.

I am repeatedly thinking about ways to earn some dollars through my German origin. Selling things from the USA to Germany or shipping whatever needed there. But I cannot think of anything yet... do you have an idea? Leave a comment :)!

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