Day 214: Repairing vintage speakers and radios

It is not too difficult to restoreold audio equipment, as many pieces have only become very dusty, rusty or have scratches. It can be worth spending some effort on cleaning as there is a decent amount of customers for vintage radios and speakers.
With enough patience it should be possible to find an old radio or a set of speakers in a garage sale or somewhere else on the internet. I will look for something suitable on craigslist and check out some garage sales in the area.

If you are looking to find information about specific vintage speakers, you should check out vintage-speaker-review.com with reviews and tips on many different speakers (Acoustic Research, Fisher, JBL, and so on..)

So far, I have never worked with electronics and don´t have any deeper understanding of radios and speakers. I ordered three books in library to learn more about how to repair vintage electronics:
The first is the Antique Radio Restoration Guide by David Johnson, which is supposedly the best available literature for people who have not yet restored and repaired old radios.
The second is Old Time Radios! Restoration and Repair by Joseph Carr. I heard less positive things about this book, but I thought it might be wise to have more than one source, in case something appears to be unclear.
The last book is Troubleshooting and Repairing Audio Equipment (TAB Electronics Technician Library) by Homer Davidson. I ordered it, as it includes the diagnosis and repair of speakers, which is not content of the other two. According to customer reviews, this one might be rather for people with some prior understanding of electronics, but I will just try my best.

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