Fisher DS-826 Speakers

Vintage speakers Fisher DS-826I bought these speakers for 20$ at a garage sale, which is more or less what they are worth. They were quite messy and full of wax, dust and oil, which I cleaned off. The grill had several holes and I decided it would not be worth spending money on new fabric. Their outlook is actually quite nice without the grills and even though they are far away from high-end, I enjoy looking at them, as the white woofer (12") and the red lines of the other two speakers (4" and 3") create a strong contrast to the dark cabinets.
These 80ies vintage speakers have a perfectly fine sound for their price and are some decent garage speakers. It is often criticized that the speakers have a very "warm" sound, which can have different explanations. According to audiokarma the legend is that Avery Fisher insisted on personally "voicing" all of the speakers. Apparently his personal preference was a very warm sound, one that today would be considered to have very rolled off highs. At the time it drove his engineers nuts.
Vintage speakers Fisher DS-826I thought about selling them for 30$, but after having them in my apartment for several months, I decided to not give them away for now. However, as I plan to buy, repair and sell several other speakers in the coming months, I consider putting them back on craigslist in the nearer future.

Model: Fisher DS-826
RMS Power Rating: 10 Min. Watts  100 Max. Watts
Impedance: 8 Ohm Nominal
Reasonable Price Range (2012):  10-20$

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