Day 250: New Speakers! ..not yet

Acoustic Research 18 AR-18s
Short Update: I am currently looking for new speakers that are hopefully in a rather bad condition. I found some Acoustic Research 18s (Ar-18s), but decided to skip them, as the price was too high. As you can see on the picture, I would have to refoam them and probably spend a lot of time cleaning. That sounded great to me, but the owner wants 60$ and I would have to invest 25$ for new foams.  The value of the AR-18s is rather between 40 and 70$..

I will continue my search!

By the way, as my blog receives around 10 clicks per day from my Bose and Fisher speaker pictures, I decided to open a blog in which I review my past, current and new vintage speakers. Have a look at it :), I simply call it:  All Speaker Reviews

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