How to build a bog part 4: 1st organic link building

Another month has passed and my vintage speaker review blog is still doing fine. The goals for May had been to write 15 reviews and get at least 3000 visits (up from 2300 in April).
However, I did not achieve to write that many reviews. I managed to post 6 reviews, 2 of which are now the begin of a special category in which I restore an old set of speakers.  Despite the low number of posts, I managed to increase my visit number to 3742 for May! 
And even better, not only that the blog gets most visitors from search engines, but several people linked to my reviews from audio forums, craigslist and ebay. I feel that in particular  linkbuilding will play a huge roll for high ranking of my blog in the future and will therefore actively increase link building.

A big step regarding the original challenge is also coming up: I reached google´s minimum withdrawal limit this month! It will be deposited on my bank account on July 1st, so there is still some time to wait.

Below, the monthly graph to show the increase of traffic on my blog:

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Goals for June:
1. For June, it is my plan to post 8 reviews, which I still have on my posting list. It becomes more and more difficult to find vintage speakers that qualitfy for a post. On the one hand the speaker needs to be searched for frequently enough. Second, it needs to be a decent amount of information available to write about it, but at the same time not sufficient information on one single webpage.

2. Hitting 4500 visits!  This will be tough, in particular as this means there has to come additional traffic from somewhere "new". Links from Craigslist and 2 audio forums brought approx. 350 visits in May, I hope to be able to do some SEO to increase that.

See you in July!

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  1. Nice to see the traffic increasing, you're on the right way!