How to build a blog part 3: Consistency

What has happened since my last post? 
1. Until about a week ago, I successfully posted 3 articles a week. Therefore I have now 17 articles about 17 different vintage electronics.
2. I changed the positioning of my adsense advertisements and positioned a leaderboard ad directly on top of each article. The click rate jumped up from 0 to about 1%. Not much, considering my current viewer count, but it is a noticeable change.
3. Until I posted the last time (~12 days), the daily viewcount consistently increased until about 100 viewers a day. I had to stop posting new articles and after about 4 to 6 days, it was clearly recognizable that less viewers would be referred to my website by google.
4. I invested $10 to buy a URL: http://www.vintage-speaker-review.com/ . Since then, I received more and more google referrals, who were searching for a combination of the three words, it really made a difference.
5. I am THAT close to my first adsense cashout, but I will post about this another time.

Where is my blog now?

Notice the decrease in traffic during the second/third week of April, during which I did not post new reviews.

April, the first month for my blog, was more successful than initially expected. Admitting, that I am not too knowledgable in SEO optimization and solely focused on content and a few (<10) links in related forums, the blog welcomed more than 2400 viewers in the past 30 days.

Another great development is the traffic type distribution of visits. A clear majority of visitors is organic and mostly linked to my blog by google. My reviews frequently rank in the top 5 and I am quite confident that they will rank in the top 3, as long as I keep blogging.

What to do in May?
For the coming month I plan to post 15 new reviews, which will probably be less influential, as I already reviewed the most searched vintage speakers. Second, I will try to write a few related articles about typical issues of vintage electronics. To create some revenue, I will use amazon associates to link to some tools as appropriate. My goal for May is to reach 3000 visits and over 100 visits per day in the month´s last week. Currently the daily visitcount is fluctuating between 45-140.
My overall theme for the coming month is CONSISTENCY!  April illustrated clearly that the amount of organic traffic decreases fast, if the website becomes "old". I might start to schedule new articles, to refresh my content more regularly over time.

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