Day 67: Grafton Lakes State Park

Income: 29.77 $

cans and bottles at grafton lakes state park
Yesterday, my girlfriend and I spent a day at Grafton Lakes State Park.  The lake has a public beach and a nice trail around it. While the beach is quite clean, you can see some trash lying around on the trails along the lake and many people don´t throw their cans into the forest, but put them next to benches or small grill areas.
I took the chance and collected the cans along the trail. I filled up a whole bag and will return all the cans during the coming days. We only walked a third of the whole trail, I guess next time I´ll bring bigger bags. From now on I´ll put some  in my car, yesterday I had to borrow my girlfriends shoe bag which she generously donated (thank you).

Anyway, the park is a little cleaner, and I am a little closer to the 20000 cans that I need to win the challenge  :`( .

Grafton Lakes State Park

Afterwards we stopped at a café to drink some coffee and get some food and baaam, I´ve found 52 cents on a couch.  All in all a very successful day!  I´d be glad to have a few more followers, so if you read my blog every now and then, become a follower :)

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