Day 70: What to do with so many cans?

What to do with cansAs I haven´t returned any cans for about two weeks, the trunk of my car is now filled with empty bottles and cans. As some of you might have recognized, I am still not fully satisfied with the Design of my blog and was changing it several times. Currently, I m a little bored by the header " A Dollar Saved is A Dollar Earned" and was thinking about a not too ordinary way to make it more interesting. The cans must be good for something more than just 5c deposit refund.
I was thus spending some hours on an empty parking lot (or rather the meadow next to it) and arranged cans back and forth. I´m quite satisfied with my results and will update the complete results on the blog as soon as possible. 
Tomorrow morning I will return all my cans, you can see many of them on the photo, I guess I have far more 150 cans and bottles and am looking forward to receive some dollars for them. 
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What to do with cans

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