Day 72: Cans Cans Cans!

Income: 40.07 $

Trunk full of canscart with cans
During the last two weeks I was not only able to collect cans from my favourite coffehouse, but also during my visit to Grafton Lakes State Park. I also received a bag with cans and bottles from a friend of mine and was prepared to spend a long time at the bottle returning machine.
The trunk full of cans was in the end worth 10,30$ and equals to 237 cans and bottles (206 were refundable). It took me forever to return all of them.

The coming days won´t be too lucrative, as Hurricane Irene is on the way and will reach NY on Sunday. Even though I am located in the north of New York (where heavy storms are rather uncommen), the weather won´t be too pleasant. I´m planning to use this time for some investments. Maybe I´ll find something free on craigslist or, if time, tomorrow at one of the garage sales that are currently everywhere. Sadly, I missed the chance to get 6 boxes full of toys for free at craigslist. They were gone only one hour after the owner offered them.

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A Dollar Saved Is A Dollar Earned


  1. Create day for you.
    Is that right that in USA you get only 4 Cent for one Can?
    In germany you would be so rich with 237 cans ;)

    I think you are the leading Challenger now...

    Best Regards,

  2. Hi, I get 5 cents per can! That is not too much, but definetily better than 4 cents.
    I wish I would be ahead, but the swiss guy was just too good in selling the 4 globi books :( . Anyway, collecting cans is more fun!